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Gabija Middle School opens in Vilnius



Gabijos progimnazijos atidarymas

After almost ten years, the new Gabija middle school has opened in Pašilaičiai, Vilnius. The new school for 1,000 students has attractive bright rooms, modern furniture and equipment, educational facilities, gyms and a welcoming canteen.

The 4-storey, 12 thousand sq. m. building, which was constructed in a year and a half, is also adapted for students with mobility impairments. The building houses modern science and IT rooms, laboratories, a universal gym for basketball, football, handball and other sports, a smaller gym, spacious assembly hall with a stage as well as high-quality lighting and sound equipment, changing and make-up rooms, library with a reading room, art studio and a choreography hall. The building also has a dedicated space for the school museum.

The middle school building was erected just a few hundred metres away from the Gabija secondary school and will share the play and sports areas for primary classes, sports fields and the bicycle shed.

The construction of the Gabija middle school, including the furniture, cost €14.8 million. JSC Conresta implemented the works on schedule, and the students will begin the new academic year on 1 September at the new school.

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