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“Conresta’s” New State-of-the-Art Office Can Easily Complete With Modern IT Startups



The idea of a construction site in the office was creatively implemented as well

The new “Conresta” office is more like an IT startup office than the one a general construction company would usually choose. The company, which celebrated its 10th birthday, demonstrated its innovative approach not only by renewing its brand, implementing projects or innovatively organizing processes, but also by setting up a modern office that reflects the company’s values. The designers of this office are Radvilė Tirevičiūtė and Laura Dabravalskytė, architects of the DVI design studio. “Ergolain”, an ergonomic office solutions company, helped to implement the interior and ergonomic solutions.

The interior is like a construction site

According to interior designer Radvilė Tirevičiūtė, one of the main features of the modern office is the employees’ emotional satisfaction. A good working atmosphere is guaranteed by proper interior solutions, ergonomic workstations and a functional office layout tailored to the specifics of the company. “Spaces should be easily transformed, adapted or changed depending on the nature of the work that’s being done,” says R. Tirevičiūtė. “A modern office needs to have lounges, play rooms, open informal spaces where staff can generate ideas that can add significant value to the company as well.”

Although the “Conresta” office may look non-standard, the interior concept was based on the nature of the company: “It’s very important for every architect and designer to have the same vision as the client,” says R. Tirevičiūtė. “We were very fortunate that the concept we offered was accepted and supported by “Conresta” from the start.”

The architects came up with the idea of a construction site in the office. “This is the central part of the office, where dark tones prevail, laying the foundation for the company’s most important matters. Other functional office spaces and light rooms are planned around this space, which is like a clean sheet of paper, where the design and planning of future construction objects is taking place.”

According to the architect, all original design ideas were born on the construction site, analyzing the construction processes, using everyday building materials and creatively integrating them into the interior. “Let’s say, the seating area is made of… building blocks. We created the chandelier from… construction helmets. However, each decision was carefully thought out, not only serving a specific function, but also emphasizing the identity of this company. It’s really amazing that “Conresta” has been very supportive of our ideas, and “Ergolain” has been extremely professional about implementing custom interior solutions.”

Exclusive attention to layout and ergonomics

According to the architect, modern offices these days do not have a single universal layout model, so it’s very important to take into account the specifics of the work of a particular company and the needs of its employees: “Before we started designing the interior of this office, we conducted a workplace survey to help us identify what’s important to the company’s employees, how they work, and what functional areas they think are most needed.”

This office has various acoustic workspaces designed to allow employees to perform focused tasks. The central space is like a main attraction where colleagues can meet, have coffee, discuss business without interfering with work that’s going on in the office.

“We are really excited about the meeting rooms that can be transformed into one common space if needed,” says R. Tirevičiūtė. The architects paid close attention to the non-standard spaces in the office: a mini-amphitheater with all its walls covered in magnetic writing boards. “It’s a great area for communication, the staff can exchange information, work on sketches, or even share vacation photos. We’ve also set up acoustic booths for where employees can hold meetings without being interrupted or, on the contrary, work alone when they need to concentrate.”

This office pays particular attention to ergonomic solutions, ranging from space layout, height-adjustable tables, high-quality ergonomic chairs and lighting to different acoustic solutions, professionally implemented by “Ergolain”. “I think we have found the perfect balance between work and relaxation, and this office interior not only helps employees be more productive, but also encourages communication, information exchange and discussion,” said R. Tirevičiūtė.

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