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Conresta will Construct the First Two Warehouses and Administrative Building for the Hegelmann Transporte Logistics Complex




An increasing number of new, modern warehouse complexes and logistics centres are actively changing the old stereotypes in Lithuania. Today, these buildings are a lot more than just storage facilities.

The construction of the first two warehousing and administrative buildings of the Hegelmann Transporte logistics complex has been entrusted to one of the largest general contracting companies in Lithuania – Conresta. Experience, speed and flexibility are the key features of Conresta. They have earned this general contractor the trust of the market, with the implementation of projects that are surprising in terms of their impressive performance.

“The exceptional size of the building and the installation of the administrative premises required structural accuracy, responsible planning and professional skills. We were happy to have been given this opportunity to contribute to the development of the country’s industries,” said Lukas Laukaitis, Director of Conresta.

The storage building stretches 17.55 m high, while products can be stored at a height of 13.40 m. The experience of the general contractor played an important part in the implementation of this project.

“Due to the design of the building, extremely heavy and massive products weighing from 10 to 24 tonnes were used in the construction process. They were installed using cranes with a 160-t lifting capacity. A tower crane mounted on rails was used to install the reinforced concrete products in the administrative building. In addition, the reinforced concrete wall slabs were rotated in the air using a mobile crane and a special turning system. The design of the warehouses includes an impressive storage mezzanine made of TT-shaped reinforced concrete floor slabs, which can withstand a particularly high load of 2.6 t/m2,” says Alvydas Černys, Technical Director at Conresta.

The plot of land selected for the construction of the logistics centre was chosen because of the difficult geological conditions. High groundwater and clay soils made the work difficult during the first stage of the construction. This issue was promptly resolved by installing a drainage system as well as a geogrid and geotextile foundations before launching the work.

From the very beginning, Conresta has actively applied new construction management and optimisation methods and has promoted the company’s modern approach. Extensive experience, a modern approach and openness to innovation are the qualities that have led the company to its leading position in the market. High quality and ecological solutions were also applied in various stages of the construction of this project. The facades of the building are made of highly resistant multi-layer panels, which were adapted to the marine climate. Their colour has a warranty for up to 30 years.

“Wear-resistant concrete floors were installed using sinusoidal deformation profiles, where the work was performed using industrial floor laser levelling. According to the requirements of the building regulations, the floor must meet 6 mm flatness requirements, but through our efforts we succeeded in achieving a level of 3 mm. All this will reduce the wear on the wheels of the equipment working in the logistics warehouse and will make driving easier,” explained Martynas Aniulis, Conresta’s Project Manager, who oversaw the construction of the project.

Ecological solutions were also important in this project. The trucks with lithium-ion batteries used in the Hegelmann Transporte logistics complex are not only environmentally-friendly compared to acid batteries, but are also convenient to operate due to the relatively short charging intervals. Four electric vehicle charging stations are situated in the territory of the complex. Natural lighting has been used to the fullest extent, and an energy-saving lighting system has been installed.

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