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Conresta Celebrated Its 8th Birthday at conFest’17 Summer Festival



Conresta Celebrated Its 8th Birthday at conFest’17 Summer Festival

On 30th June Conresta Company, offering general contracting and construction services, celebrated its 8th birthday. The company that has become one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania in a rather short time has celebrated its special day during the conFest’17 summer festival.

The idea of the birthday was based on the currently popular concept of a festival. The space of the event was divided into two areas – Active and Lounge. In the Active area the guests of the festival participated at fun activities, fostering good emotions and great involvement of the employees, while the Lounge area featured a DJ, music, refreshing drinks, a dancing floor and soft beanbags.

The heat of the celebration involved Conresta’s traditions: newbie initiation and fun awards. Just like all festivals, conFest’17 featured fun and dance that continued on the next day of the event as well.

“Our goal is to organise a celebration that we could remember for a long time. Good atmosphere and meaningful leisure brings the team closer and we can feel that not only in our daily work, but also long-term results of the company. This year our festival was thought-out to the smallest detail: we had music playing all day long, guests could enter the territory only with tickets, receiving festival wristbands and participant cards with the programme and the map of the territory. Just like every year, the weather was great, even though weather forecast promised rain just a week ago. Since the event received positive feedback from our team, I believe that we will use the festival concept for other summer events as well.” said the Director Lukas Laukaitis, sharing the impressions of the 8th birthday.