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A New “Gabija” School is Emerging in Pašilaičiai



A new school is emerging in Pašilaičiai. Next year, the municipality promises to build three more.

Remigijus Šimašius, the mayor of Vilnius and Vytautas Mitalas, the vice mayor of Vilnius have visited the construction site of the extension of “Gabija” gymnasium. About 1,000 students will be invited to the new school next year. During the meeting, the course of the construction was discussed.

“Building a school in Pašilaičiai is an inspiring start, as it is only one of the 5 schools or their annexes that we intend to build over the next few years. The renovation and construction of schools is gaining momentum, and students and their parents are gaining confidence in positive changes in the Vilnius education system,” says Remigijus Šimašius, the Mayor of Vilnius.

With the new extension of the gymnasium, the area around the school will be cleaned up, a playground-sports area, sports grounds, a bicycle-shed, etc. will be built. The new building will also be easily accessible to students with reduced mobility. The spacious four-storey building with an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters will house science, informatics and technology classrooms and laboratories. A versatile gym for basketball, football, handball and other sports, a mini gym, a spacious auditorium with a stage, a library with a reading room, an art studio, a choreography hall, a photo lab, and a school museum will be located here as well.

Vytautas Mitalas is pleased with the new extension of the school, because the students will no longer have to study in two shifts, as they have done so far. “By investing in education, we are investing in the future of the next generation of Vilnius residents. The extension of the gymnasium will not overcrowd the school, create more opportunities for diversity in non-formal education, and facilitate the functioning of student organizations and the integration of SEN children,” said V. Mitalas, the Vice Mayor of Vilnius.

According to Lukas Laukaitis, the CEO of “Conresta”, a lot of work has already been done: polar foundation of the building, concrete basement structures, waterproofing and insulation, basement sewage, heat and rain sewage network. “The work of “Gabija” gymnasium is gaining momentum, reinforced concrete, monolithic structures and heat supply networks have already been installed. Currently, the reinforced concrete framework of the building is being installed, outdoor communications, electrical network and well-being installation works are being carried out. Paving, slope formation and leveling are also currently in the works. Internal communications, roof, floor and wall plastering will begin soon, facade and windows will be installed in November, interior finishing and engineering systems are planned in winter and environmental management works in spring,” says Lukas Laukaitis, the CEO of ”Conresta”.

The construction is scheduled for completion in summer 2020.


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